How to Write an Article on Blogger - Google SEO Article

How to write Google SEO Article

How to Write an Article on Blogger - Google SEO Article

 Google SEO Article 

                                          is a most important thing to do in the article. before you write article find the keywords for your article. It will help you in Google SEO Optimization. Before you find the keywords please check all the keywords competitions go to Keyword Planner. It will help you to grow your traffic. If you are a new blogger then please find the medium competitions keyword.

Now we are starting how to write Google SEO Article

                    Whenever you start to write an article, then most important thing is title. Choose your title with keyword it will make your article smooth with Google SEO. Use H1, H2, H3 in your article. It means when you start your article write heading of the article its call the H1 when you give another heading in your article its call the H2. When you write your article keywords must come in H1 and H2.

                     Whenever you write H1 and H2 title with keyword Google SEO will help you in search result. Whenever you write article you must add you website suggestion link of your article.

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                     When you finish your article you can add another article suggestion link. whenever you find the keyword in article you can bolt it. If you add a photo in article you must add Alt text in it and also add your keywords in Permalink and also in Search Description.

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