How to Choose Niche - Blog Ideas

How to Choose Niche - Blog Ideas

choose Niche - Blog Ideas

Choose Niche For Blogging

                    Before starting a blog, there is only one question in mind how to choose niche for blog?  Before starting a blog, you must definitely think about Niche. According to survey, 10 to 15 percent people help their family by blogging income. so you know how important to choose blog niche.

so lets start how to choose blog Niche


1. Knowledge (Passion)

Niche for blog

                        You can choose you Niche according to your passion. it's very important. if you have less information about of your Niche then, you will be not able to write your article properly. according to survey, 2/3 bloggers do not update their blog in a year. so it is very important that you select you Niche on you passion.

2. Competition on Niche

                          Before you choose your Niche you need to check competition on that Niche. if competition is low then you can improve your Blog fast as possible.

3. Niche have Revenue (Profitable)

You need to see what's the CPC value of your Niche. check which Niche is most profitable.

4 Use Keyword Planner

choose Niche - Blog Ideas

                   You can check Google Keyword Planner for more Niche. You can check competition for your Niche. you can select law competition Niche. with help of Google Keyword Planner choose your best Niche. For example if you select topic on sport then here are competition is very high so, you can select separate sports Niche such as cricket, football, baseball etc.

In this way you can choose you Niche. Most important thing is choose your Niche on your passion because competition is very high. it's very important to update your blog daily or weekly.

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