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Increase Blog Traffic - Website Traffic                                                If you want to be a success then its mos...

How to Increase Blog Traffic - Website Traffic

Increase Blog Traffic - Website Traffic

                                               If you want to be a success then its most important factor to increase Blog traffic - Website traffic. There are lot of blog in the world but less chance to be a success in blog if you you haven't traffic in you blog or website. If you want to grow your traffic then read this post till end.

                   Before creating a blog you have to pay attention to a lot of thing. such as Keyword, Content, Domain name or Blog Niche. if you don't know about blog Niche then you can read our this article How to Choose Niche read this article so that you know about of niche before creating your blog.

1 Blog Loading Time

               Make sure you blog loading time is less. Your blog loading time should be 3 to 4 seconds. Use fast loading template to reduce your time. More loading time less users. You can compress your image after you can use it in your blog.

2 Social Share Button

use share button for website traffic - blog traffic

                Social media is very important to grow your traffic. You can use social share button in your blog. 

3 Content and Title

               if you have good title then, there is a lot of chance to increase your Blog traffic - Website traffic. Make sure is title is interesting. Write your content easy to understand.

4 Comment on Another Blog

              Whenever you visit another blog, if you like its article then you can comment on it also you can ask the question.

5 help your user

               Whenever your user come to your blog and ask the question, then reply properly. At the end of the article,definitely tell about your next article.

I hope you like article on How to Increase Blog Traffic - Website Traffic
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