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On-Page SEO Techniques                    On Page SEO If you want to rank your article in Google or any other search engine, then...

Top On-Page SEO Techniques For Blogger | Blogger Tutorial

On-Page SEO Techniques

Top On Page SEO Techniques

                   On Page SEO If you want to rank your article in Google or any other search engine, then On-page SEO is very important. On Page SEO is very important for your blog and article. If you really want to know more about of On Page SEO then you need to read this article till end.
Keyword, rank and traffic is depend On-Page SEO.

On-Page SEO Tips

There are 2 types of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

1 On-Page SEO
2 Off-Page SEO

Off Page Optimization : Social share, Backlink and Domain Authority it all Off-page SEO.

On-page SEO

                      When we write article that time we do Optimization of article its call On-page SEO. Title, Keyword placement, content quality and proper heading is very important for the On-page SEO. If your article is search friendly then your article will rank in search engine. Here are some tips for the improve your On-Page SEO

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1 High Quality Content

               If content quality is good then SEO will work in your article. Make sure your content quality is good and with detail. If your content is not proper then user will go back from your article then your search result will be down so make your article with detail. Write your article 700 to 1000+ words. If you write your article with detail, then you can use more keywords in your article. It will help you in search result.

2 Blog Post Title

                 Title is most important factor in SEO. Try to write good title for your post with keyword it will help you in search result. If your title is good, then user will click on your article it will improve your search result. You can use 55 to 60 words in your title. Use your main Keyword in your title.

3 Permalink Structure

Create permalink by yourself. create your permalink around 3 to 4 words.
Ex : www.example.com/on-page-SEO-tips

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4 Image Optimization

                   Use ALT text in image. Use main keyword in your first image. If your image will come in top in search result then you can improve your traffic in your blog. Compress your image before use it. this will reduce loading time of your article.

5 Meta Description

                   Write little about of your article in meta description so that the user can knows that the article is about what. Your Meta description will appear in the search result. Use your main keyword in meta description. write your meta description less than 160 words.

6 Blog Loading Speed

                  Your blog's loading time should be 3 to 4 second. If your blog's loading speed is high then user will be bounce from your blog. it will generate negative impact on Google. according to google webmaster tool, if your loading time is less then it will improve your mobile search result.

7 Internal link

                 Internal link means use your own blog post link in your article. If you use internal link to your article, then the user will click on that link and spend more time to your blog it will improve your search result.

8 External link

                you can use links other than your blog. If you use external link, then google will know that your article is about what.

9 Keyword Placement

on page SEO Tips
                You must use keyword in your article. Use keyword in your article that you want to rank your article in search result. You must know where to place keyword in your article.

  • Use keyword in title
  • Use keyword in sub title (H2 tag)
  • Use keyword in beginning of your article
  • Keyword at the end of the article.
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Hope you like article on Top On-Page SEO Techniques
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