SEO Tips for For Blog and Article - Improve Google Rank

SEO Tips - Improve Google Rank

SEO Tips for For Blog and Article - Improve Google Rank

Here are Some SEO Tips for Improve Google Rank

  • Choose right Keywords
Choose right Keyword for your article it will help you in Google Rank. When you Create a Blog or Website prefer best domain name with Keyword it will also help you in SEO Google Rank

                      If you are new in Blog or Website then you can select low competition Keyword. if you use low competition Keyword then it will help you in search result

  • Make sure your article length is perfect

                     Normally you can write your article with 300 Words to 500 Words. You can write your article more then 500 words. Use more keywords in your article

  • Use keyword in Title
Google Rank

                      When you write your article choose the best title with Keywords.

  • Use Link of your last content and also you can use link high authority site

                      You can Add external link in your blog also use your last content link in article. If you use external link in your article it will make high bond with SEO it will improve your search result.

  • Need to write H1, H2 and H3

                       Heading 1, Heading 2 and Heading 3 write in your article  Because SEO easily understand your article.

  • Bold Your Keyword
Google Rank

                       When you write your article use more keyword in your article and make it bold.

  • Use Keyword in Permalink and Search Description

                        Use your main Keyword in Permalink and also Search Description it will make your SEO strong. Its will also help in Google Rank And Search Result

  • Alt text use in Image

                     When you upload Image in your Article must enter Alt text in Image. Use Main Keyword in Alt text also you can write your article name.

  • Create Backlink For your Article

Most important thing if you want to improve fast Google Ranking and If you want to fast SEO improvement then Create Backlink for your Article.

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