How to Put Ad on A Blogger Blog

Put Ad on A Blogger Blog

set ads on blog

                If you want to place Ads through Google Adsense in Blogger then you can read this article till end. To place ads in your blog, you need to get Google Adsense Approved. If you don't know how to get Google Adsense approved then you can read this post first
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If you have Google Adsense approval then you can set your ads in Blogger. First you need to sign in Google adsense and Blogger.

1 Sign In Google Adsense

How to Put Ad on A Blogger Blog

                 When you sign in Google Adsense you can see something like this. Click on My ads and then Ad Unit for place new Ads.

2 New Ad Unit

Click on New ad unit for set a new ad on Blogger

3 Select Ads Style

How to Put Ad on A Blogger Blog

                   When you click on New ad unit after you can see which types of ad you want to place. If you want you can read about of this ads. If you want to place ads in your blog's Banner and Side bar, then you can select Text & display ads. If you want to place your ads between article then you can select In-article ads.

4 Create Ad Unit

How to Put Ad on A Blogger Blog

1 Write the name where you want to place your ads
2 Here you can select your ads according to your banner size. Here i have selected auto ads so if i want to change the position of ads then it will set automatically.
3 You can choose your ads style which type of ads you want to show.
4 Save and Get code after clicking on it you will get pop up on your screen with Ad code. Copy that code.

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5 Paste Your code In Blogger

How to Put Ad on A Blogger Blog

                Go to your Blog and just click on layout. After the layout is open, Click on add a Gadget where you want to set ads.  Add Gadget of HTML/JavaScript And past code in it, then save it. After Click on Save Arrangement in Blog Layout. New ads will show usually in 5 to 10 minutes.

I hope you like article on How to Put Ad on A Blogger Blog
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