Which Is The Best Platform for blogging

Best Platform For Blogging

Wordpress Vs Blogger

                  Before we start blogging, we definitely think about which is the best platform for blogging. Here we will talk about of Wordpress and Blogspot. Because of the less features in Blogspot people are use Wordpress. If we will talk about of the ranking Wordpress is better then Blogspot. But it is difficult to say which platform is better. If you want to start blogging then you can start with Blogspot. If you want to transfer your blog blogspot to wordpress then you can transfer it. 


           If you start blog in Wordpress then you can set your blog by your own style. you can use plugin of your choice in Wordpress. Wordpress make your blog more search engine friendly. You can control your blog by own style in wordpress. If you want to start blog then you need to learn more about of Wordpress. Wordpress is not free platform.


          Blogger is free platform for blog. If you are beginner then you can use Blogspot. Easy features in blogspot. Compare to wordpress less features in blogger. If you want to share your ideas then Blogger is the best platform. Blogspot have limited features so you can handle it very easily. If you are not able to invest money then you can start your blog in blogger.

Blogspot Vs Wordpress

1 Wordpress is paid and Blogspot is free
2 Wordpress have so many features and Blogspot have limited feature
3 Blogspot is easy to handle for beginner and Wordpress is little hard in use compare to blogspot.
4 If you want to learn about of blog then you can use Blogspot. Wordopress is paid service so you cant lean about of blog.
5 Wordpress have so many designer theme for use blogspot have simple theme.

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