How to Submit Your Website to Bing Webmaster Tools

Submit Your Website to Bing Webmaster Tools

                     When it comes to submitting the Blog to the search engine, first's come Google name. Google is largest search engine. if you submit your sitemap to google then your work does not end. If you really want to traffic in your website then your SEO should be fully completed. Therefore, we should also submit your sitemap in Bing. We should not forget that Bing is the largest search engine after Google.
                Bing webmaster tools is completely free like google. If you want traffic for your website, then you do not ignore Bing webmaster tools.

How to Submit Your Website to Bing Webmaster Tools

Step 1

          First you go to Bing webmaster tools. Just login in Bing webmaster too.When you complete login process, you will see the option of add site.
You have to write your website name and then click on add

Step 2

This type of web page will open.
1 Here you have to write your website url
2 Here you need to add your website sitemap otherwise you can write this type so it will take automatically from your website.
3 Select All Day (Default)
4 Click on Add

Step 3

       After this process complete, you will get this type of code. Just copy this code. After copying this code, you open the new tab and login to your Blog.

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Step 4

After login your blog go to Theme and Click on Edit HTML.

Step 5

Find <head> in your HTML page and paste the code Below head. After pasting code click on save theme. After the theme is saved, come back to the Bing webmaster tools.

Step 6

           After come back to Bing webmaster tools click on verify. After this your website sitemap submit in Bing webmaster tools. After this process is complete, your dashboard will open will in Bing webmaster tools.

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